Is it possible to change color of branches in Git Log?


In IDEA, developing your own theme is quite difficult, especially without good documentation, because not everything can be changed there, which is a little sad.
Therefore, I have a question - how to change color of the branches and is it right to do it, even if they are poorly visible?



Hi Snake,

There is no API to modify branches' colors and it is not possible to change branches' colors via theme.


Thanks for the response Karol!

It is sad. Because there is no detailed documentation on creating a custom theme, you have to take someone else's theme and make your own based on it.
By the way, where can I write a proposal about the introduction of this functionality (change color of branches) and improve the documentation for the development of custom theme? On YouTrack?



I hope you got familiar with, its subsections, also with the blog post ( and webinar about themes development.

If it's insufficient, you can use "Was this page helpful? No" and send us feedback about specific pages. See also for more details. Contributions are welcome.

Regarding the proposal about changing the colors of branches, please create an issue on Thank you.


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