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I started an open-source project just before the covid lockdown happened here in the UK, I have some health problems which often lead to a lot of insomnia, so the project kept me occupied on something in the early hours.

The last 6 months I have really struggled, and I had to funnel my energies into other places, but I think I'm actually getting back to where I was 6 months ago in terms of my health, so I'm just working my way back into my code.

I know my open-source license expired, but, when I fired up CLion I was shocked to see that I could still use the last version I installed without any problems, searching your site I discovered that you are free to continue to use that version, you just can't upgrade.  

I was really shocked at how generous this actually is, really amazing, since I last compiled the code, I Monterey had been released and so I had to make a few adjustments here and there due to a few issues because I now switched to Qt 6.2 as 5.15.2 wouldn't work as it once did, but after 30 minutes of a few minors changes to CMake and my code, my application started. back up.

I had made a few commits to other branches, but I hadn't pushed them, so I have just started cleaning those up and pushing them to GitHub.

I really expected that I'd have to pony up for a toolbox sub to get back the tools I was using (99% Clion, 1% PyCharm) and I was also dreading how I was going to manage building the software as I used team city to automate the builds across lots of LTS versions of various distributions and different OS's and architectures, and again I really didn't expect TeamCity to have the same offer, but it did.

For the moment I'm stuck on whatever the version of CLion is that I currently have installed until I have done enough development that I can see if I can reapply for my open-source license again.

Thanks for a great tool!


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Hi Adrian!

Thank you for the feedback. Indeed the rule is the following:

When purchasing an annual subscription, you will immediately get a perpetual fallback license for the exact version available at the time.

More details can be found here -


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This is an unbelievably good offer from you guys, when I fired up CLion and realised that I could still use it, I was blown away, in a time where everybody is moving to the subscription model and that there is only a level of saturation that can sustain, it won’t be long until people simply start dropping subscriptions for software left, right and centre because a sub in isolation is ok, but when you suddenly have 10 subscriptions, its simply not affordable.

I have been using CLion for another open-source project other than the one I originally registered for, I noticed that my licence said “pingnoo” (the name of my desktop open-source project) so I did wonder if I should have put some request in for the other open-source project.

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Feel free to contact sales regarding any license-related questions -


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