Phpstorm thinks staged files are unstaged (WSL)


OS: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19044.1526]
PHPStorm: PS-212.5712.51
git version 2.25.1

My project is located at \\wsl$\home\xxx\xxx

When i push my changes, everything is staged and pushed to the repo


But PHPStorm thinks they are still unstaged


The usual fixa I do is to resync the root folder


But it does not work, I have to manually restart my PhpStorm for it to accept my changes.


What is the fix

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Are you pushing from a terminal? Pusing/committing using PhpStorm UI would help in that case.

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Yes I am pushing from a terminal because it's more convenient and faster than from the UI, especially when you have many tiny commits.


Does PhpStorm not support this while using WSL? Because with windows and Hyper-V it was working as expected 

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Hm, next time this happen please open Help > Find Action and run "Refresh VCS changes" action - check if that helps. 

In general, this sounds not normal & should be investigated. I can't find straightforward issue reports related to this, but looks similar.

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The "Refresh VCS changes" did the trick

Thank you!


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