it's stupid that i have to reconfigure the IDE for every new project i create

like every single new project i create i have to change the inspections, actions on save, etc. to what i want

why cant this thing just remember the settings i want across all projects? like if i turn off an inspection, i want it turned off for ALL my projects. what are the odds that someone wants to have "optimize imports on save" for 1 project but not their other projects?

also why is it using the .idea folder at all that i have to manually ignore from VC? i know i can just add it to global gitignore, but what are the odds that someone elses editor uses the exact same configuration as mine? everyone has their own preferences

its infuriating and makes me just want to go back to vscode


Actually, you may create a default settings template for all new projects in the "File | New Projects Setup | Settings/Preferences for New Projects" settings window. Not all settings are configurable but nonetheless, it is still an option.

A little bit more about it:


"Not all settings are configurable"

right, im aware of the "new project setup" which doesn't give you the options you actually want to reuse in future projects

maybe fleet will finally fix all of this crap. i guess i will just wait until that comes out.


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