IntelliJ 2020.3 Legacy Git Local Changes View


Some time between IntelliJ 2020.1 and 2020.3, the Git window view has changed. I understand the value of the current view and I've used it before 2020.3, but where has the old default view gone? How can I view all of my local changes as compared to HEAD?

I've scoured their documentation, but nothing has helped. Some of their documentation even seems to mention buttons and options that I don't even see in the IDE anywhere...

Not that I have the Preview Diff button on the toolbar, but the documentation makes it sound like this is only a file-by-file option. To be clear, I would like the view identical to what I had in 2020.1 which had a summary of all files changed and you could click on each one to see the diff.


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Hello Hazelmarissa1

Could you please check whether you have "Use non-modal commit interface" enabled under Preferences | Version Control | Commit?

If so, then you can find it under Commit tab on a left side of a window, otherwise if it's disabled, then you should be able to find it under "Git" toolwindow.,


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