Cannot import es6 exported function

I have never had this issue until lately.  

WebStorm 2021.3.2, Build #WS-213.6777.57

When I try to Option + Enter on this, it provides me an option to import, but never actually follows through with performing the import:


Here's part of the file that method is exported from:

import * as path from 'path';

const util = require('util');
const exec = util.promisify(require('child_process').exec);
const DBMigrate = require('db-migrate'); 

export async function createSQLAndMigrationFile(sqlFileName: string, scope: string) {
   ... some code is in here

So when I Opt + Enter on that from my test, you can see it gave me the option but when I hit enter to import, it does nothing.  For other modules I've used, Opt + Enter works fine.

I have to end up manually adding the import at the top of my test file (which sucks).  Then it's fine:

Is it because I'm using commonJS requires in the file I'm exporting from? or is this a bug?


Can't reproduce with similar code

Please could you try composing a sample project the issue can be repeated with?


Give me your github username and I'll add you as a collaborator to

- then go to


- Remove the import for resetDatabase() and try Opt + Enter


thx, added you but don't post any of my code in here.



this is a known issue, tracked at; the problem will go away if you remove the package.json from the src/LocalDB folder; see for more info about the root cause of the issue


awesome good to know.  Thank you Elena.


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