Preferences Editor Color Scheme languages are not alphabetized

I've had trouble finding the language I needed to edit, because they appear to be listed in random order:

I don't understand the order; is that in order of popularity...? That can change at any time. Do you know what doesn't change? The order of the alphabet. So how do we get it to be ordered by something constant rather than randomly subjective?

If the reason to have it unordered is because JetBrains wants the 'General' option to be at the top, OK, well, it's probably possible to have that still at the top, with a thin horizontal bar separating it from the alphabetized options below it.

Or, the General view can be moved to the Color Scheme view, which is currently empty:


The way I think it is sorted:

  1. Common entities applicable to any language sorted by their commonness.
  2. The language(s) most important for the product (PHP for PhpStorm).
  3. Other languages sorted alphabetically.
  4. The least important common entities.

We have a similar report on our tracker:
But frankly, I find the sorting method I described above somewhat logical, and considering that only one person voted for the issue during the five years it's been submitted, I think the majority share this opinion.


Thanks for your speculation.

So commonness changes over the years... right? So the order changes based on subjectiveness at the time... which means different versions of PHPStorm can have different orders. I don't see the point of this. It's far too subjective. How is commonness even determined anyway? By JetBrains?

So between General and PHP, it's sorted by what JetBrains considers "most common" (or "most accessed"). The end of that is where a thin separator line should be added to make it obvious where subjective ordering ends and alphabetical ordering starts.


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