Remote development (from PhpStorm with JetBrains Gateway) without internet possible ?


Here is my working context;

- no internet (I use my company's intranet)
- linux centos 7.9 remote server with my source files
- PhpStorm 2021.3.2 on my development pc

My wish is to develop on my pc on remote sources.
Your new JetBrains Gateway solution seems to meet my expectations on paper.

However, in practice, I have the impression that it is not possible to use this solution in offline mode? Indeed, the connection process stops on this failure:

Looks like your solution is trying to download an IDE client to install on my machine. Which from my point of view is a weird behavior because I already have a client to install on my machine: PhpStorm. Why not use my PhpStorm client already installed on my machine ?

Thank you for your reply


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This is still being worked on, sorry: Please vote for it in order to get notified about its updates & increase its priority. 


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