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I have a licence for PHPStorm through my work, and a DataGrip licence I paid for myself, on a separate account. I'd like to be able to have both applications open at the same time, logged-into their respective accounts, but I'm constantly forced to log out of one and into the other, when I switch between apps.

Is there a way around this? 

I'm on a macbook pro (Monterey v.12.2.1)


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Finally, I can share the good news with you.

We've implemented an ability to get assets (licenses) from several JetBrains accounts using only one email address.

You can find it in your JetBrains account settings -

It looks like im able to download the activation key for each. Didn't know I could do that before. 

Guess I'm all good. Thanks


I am trying to use Phpstorm with one account and one active license and then Webstorm with another account and another license, both under the same Linux account.

Whenever I change my account in PHPStorm it changes account into every JetBrains IDE, so it's constantly switching between profiles, messing up with my plugins sync etc.

Why does it work like this? Why can't we use two different accounts in the same computer for two different apps?


Jetbrains, some of us have work license and personal license, we would like to use both in parallel in different ides.. It doesn't make any sense to change WebStorm license if I'm changing PhpStorm account!!



I agree with you. It's very annoying. Like I said above, you can get a copy of your activation key for each product, and activate the license that way, to avoid having to log-in. The downside to this method is you can't do account-related things like sync your settings to your JB account.



Is there a feature request to have multiple licenses from different accounts available?

I pay Clion by myself, get PyCharm from the company, and run into the same issue.

It would be nice to have the JetBrains toolbox to select which account to use on which IDE.


Juan Carlos Arevalo, you can log in to JetBrains Account ( and add your personal email in Linked emails to use one account for multiple licenses.


I had the very same issue and found this thread through Google.  Just wanted to drop in to say Thank You to the JetBrains team for providing this capability!


The ideal solution is to support multiple accounts, and not having to link emails. The corporate email should not be tied with your personal email under one account. Thats just not an option. 

It cant be that difficult to support multiple accounts, what is the actual constraint on having this working? 




@vasily chernov,

It's working for me. Thanks!


vasily chernov, please reopen this ticket. Business and personal accounts don't use the same e-mail address. The idea of linking business to your personal is absurd. These accounts shouldn't be merged. Settings and plugins might even be different. I don't want my company's settings restraints in my personal projects and I don't want any "lawyering" from my company trying to claim code I developed in my free time or any chance for them to believe I used their license for personal gain... I could very well be working in my free time with their competitor for all they know...


Hi Guilherme ,

You must have misunderstood the linking concept we introduced. Let me explain: the two email addresses are being linked to a single JBA account. Doing so allows using licenses of a paid plug-in within an IDE available in another JetBrains account. It's important to note that the linking concept has nothing to do with license merging, as these are totally different. When linking email addresses, you are getting a list of assets available to an IDE.

Literally speaking, a JBA is confirming that he owns licenses available under different email address(es). Keeping that into account, IDE may obtain those assets with a single email address used for logging in.


Aleksandr Molchanov, the thing is that I don't own my work account. It's my company who owns it and it is attached to me for as long as I still need it and my company wants me to use it.

That business account is literally not mine. It just happens that right now I am the one using it. These two shouldn't be linked at all

In any case, even if I'm willing to do that, I shouldn't have to Google about this feature. It's not clear in the log in window that we can do that.

My point is that the IDE should give you the option to use different accounts for different IDEs just like you can have a global git settings but that one repo over there you need to use different settings.

In this regard, I would have as global settings my personal account as I have a fallback license for all IDEs and one active personal license for WebStorm.

IntelliJ is the only one I need to be different, taking it from my company's account.


For me it worked linking the accounts . My combany owns it but i have total controll as long as i am working for them . If or when i stop working for them , i persume the account will be closed and the link will be drop automatically , so i dont see the problem linking the accounts together . But it would be nice if you can log from  2 different accounts in different apps. 


I've my personal license with my account and a business license through license server. How can I manage this case?



Currently it's not possible.  Feel free to create feature request for this case on YouTrack:


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