Can breakpoints be triggered from external connections? [Solved]

I have WebStorm running the built-in JavaScript debugger with the "Can accept external connections" option set here:

I am able to start the debugger, view the site at localhost:63341, and trigger breakpoints I have set in WebStorm as expected. I can also view the site from another machine on my LAN from the.ip.address:63341 - but breakpoints are not triggered on the machine which is running WebStorm. Is is possible to remotely debug like this? Or can breakpoints only be hit if accessing the site from the same machine? It does not seem likely since the browser on the external machine is not attached to the running WebStorm process, but I figured I'd ask if there is some configuration that makes this possible. The desired use case here is the ability to test and debug with a different OS & browser, but not need to clone the repo and configure a development environment on that test machine, or build and deploy the app to a server.


Per Elena's reply below, this is not possible.

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No, this can't be done. You can debug the app that runs on a remote server (by specifying the server URL in debug configuration), but the IDE can't attach the debugger to a remote browser, it has to be run locally

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Thank you for the reply!


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