Focus issue in project file editor


2021.3.2, 2021 M1 mac pro

This has started happening recently, no idea why. 

Say i have two files open in the editor, two tabs. I have focus in one file, click ctrl+w to close the file. Now the other tab does not get focus, which it always had in the past. I have to manually click on that file. 

Say i have 6 tabs open and want to close them. I now have to click ctrl+w, click on another tab, click ctrl+w. Never happened before.

Also, i i have focus on the navigation tree, tab does nothing.

I haven't been in to preferences for a long time, any idea whats causing this?



I couldn't reproduce the issue on my side. Please provide idea.log ("Help | Show Log in...") after restarting IDE and reproducing the issue.


Hi, some additional feedback:

1. I have two projects open, one server-side spring project, one Android project. All these issues only occur in the Android project.

2. If i have 5 files open, each with a tab - if i click on the tab itself so that the IDE shows the content of the tab, i cannot close it (cmd+w). I have to click on the actual text contents so that the cursor appears there in order to be able to close it.

Uploaded log: 2022_03_07_Bsss2hQAARHyoRRh


Am I got you right that everything works fine in non-Android project? Do you face the same issue if Android project is the only opened project?


Yes, everything works in the non-android project. There, if i click in the project tree, the file opens up, the editor gets focus and the cursor appears to the left of the class name, as it always has.

This does not happen in the android project. There, i click in the project tree, the file opens but focus stays on the project tree navigator. I have to manually click in the editor for the cursor to appear.

It does not matter if i have both or only android open. I have tried all combinations of keeping projects open, closing, restarting etc.


I get a 404 on that link.


I changed visibility level, please check now.


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