PsiFileFactory Not Generating File Extension


Hello, I'm currently developing a plugin that generates a Kotlin file. Everything works except that the resulting file is for example only "TestData", and not "TestData.kt" and as such is not detected by IntelliJ IDEA as a Kotlin file. Here are the pertinent snippets:

class KotlinFileType : FileType {
override fun getName(): String {
return "Kotlin file"

override fun getDescription(): String {
return "Kotlin source file"

override fun getDefaultExtension(): String {
return ".kt"

override fun getIcon(): Icon? {
return null

override fun isBinary(): Boolean {
return false

companion object {
val INSTANCE = KotlinFileType()
val fileName = "TestData"

// fileContent generated elsewhere
val classFile = factory.createFileFromText(fileName, KotlinFileType.INSTANCE, fileContent)

WriteCommandAction.runWriteCommandAction(directory.project) {

Did I miss anything? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Please re-use existing org.jetbrains.kotlin.idea.KotlinFileType#INSTANCE from Kotlin plugin instead of duplicating it in your plugin.

'fileName' parameter in createFileFromText() does not automatically append an extension, so it must be:

fileName + "." + KotlinFileType.INSTANCE.defaultExtension

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Ah, I see. Alright. Thank you!


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