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Hi! I don't know exactly where I can ask a question related to the Marketplace, but I saw some posts here. I saw some plugins that have some nice documentation

* Introduction - Selenium UI Testing | JetBrains Marketplace

* Introduction - Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile for AppCode | JetBrains Marketplace

* Features - JPA Buddy | JetBrains Marketplace

I checked the tab "custom pages" when uploading a new plugin, but how could have the same pretty documentation? I don't think I should write some HTML, right? Is there some documentation (aside from Custom Pages | JetBrains Marketplace?)



Hi Quentin,

You can write your custom pages using Markdown, according to the Custom Pages doc you pasted. It seems that the JPA Buddy Features page is created with Markdown.

Regarding the Selenium and Kotlin plugins pages, it is our internal tool that is not available publicly.

Such questions could be also asked in the JetBrains Platform Slack (, on the #marketplace channel.


Thanks! (I just joined a few minutes ago the Slack Platform, I applied yesterday, and I just noticed that I received my invitation)

I will try to do something in Markdown (actually for JPA, my bad, that was more something like that the blog that I want Blog - JPA Buddy | JetBrains Marketplace) :(, now I know that I shouldn't have high hopes to write something pretty 🥲.


This blog seems to be a standard custom page with a few links and images. You can easily achieve it with Markdown formatting.


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