StubIndex in unit-test


I'm trying to create a unit-test that relies on a custom StubIndex. In production the code works fine but when unit-testing the stubs are not created for my custom StubIndex.

I'm using:

- LightJavaCodeInsightFixtureTestCase
- myFixture.addFileToProject to create the file that should be indexed
- set breakpoint at IStubFileElementType#getBuilder to check if it gets called

I've also tried changing the type of TestCase but not with any luck. Is there some method that I should call after adding the file with the addFileToProject so that it gets indexed during a unit-test?



Hi Tim,

Please provide more details.

Do you have your own stubs implementation or do you use existing language stubs? Is "IStubFileElementType.indexStub()" method called? Are index files created in:

  • idea-sandbox/system-test/index/stubs/<index key> - in tests context
  • idea-sandbox/system/index/stubs/<index key> - in IDE context



It's for my own stubs for a custom language. The indexStub() method is not called. I do see the indexes in the folders you describe but I guess those are created when I run the IDE from my plugin project?

Kr, Tim


The "system" folder is created for your running IDE instance.

The "system-test" folder is created for headless IDE running during tests. If files are created, then please verify other methods on your stubs methods.


I removed the system-test folder items and they re-appeared so I the indexing works correct. What is weird is that I still don't see my breakpoint getting hit when running the test at the indexStub() nor the getBuilder().

Anyway, I was using a special method to determine the search scope for the StubIndex which wasn't working correctly in unit-test mode and once fixed the test runs perfectly. Thanks for the very fast responses :)



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