High CPU usage


I've update CLion today and now my laptop gets hot whenever it runs (which is concerning as it's the newest MacBook), reverting back to older version does not work, other JetBrains IDEs work fine (tested Rider). Is there anything I could do or do I have to reset my whole Mac.

The problem does not happen when I enable power saving mode and restart CLion. If I enable power save mode WITHOUT restarting then it's still there.

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Please enable memory indicator (а right-click at the bottom right panel > Memory Indicator) and keep an eye on it for some time. If it is close to the limit at the time when you are experiencing the problems, then try increasing the Xmx JVM option according to this guide. Sometimes CPU usage may decrease if you provide CLion with enough heap memory. 

If it doesn't help, please capture a CPU snapshot while reproducing the issue and send it to clion-support at jetbrains.com.

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I have the exact same problem on a macbook after the update.

Disabling data flow analysis did not work unfortunately. CPU usage is immediately high after launching CLion. Memory usage is low.


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