How to add items to the "embedded" group (instead of "Other") in Clion's New Project wizard window


As shown in the figure, the "embedded" group at bottom is where I want to add to. But I can only add to "Other" group.

Or if possible, is there any way to create a new group like them.

I looked at the source code of a plugin named "PlatformIO" on Github and found a Class named CLionProjectGenerator which might work. But now I can't import it anyway in my project.

their source code:

Has the Class been moved or deprecated, and if so, how should I need to do to achieve my purpose.


my build.gradle.kts

Thanks a million, even if my problem will not be solved perfectly



You pasted the list of the Gradle plugins which are used to extend Gradle. It is unrelated to the plugin functionality, so it is irrelevant in the context of this topic.

You should add the dependency on CLion functionality. Take a look at the table on this page:

So in plugin.xml add:


and in intellij task configuration in build.gradle.kts:

intellij {

If you used IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template, then just add it to the platformPlugins property in file.

Also, if you write a plugin for CLion, remember to change platformType to CL:

intellij {

or set platformType = CL in if you used template.

Now you should see the CLionProjectGenerator class available to your project.


Thank you for enlightening me, I succeeded in finding this passage in the official documentation.

(Path VIII)

Thanks for your guidance!


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