JavaScript.JsonSchema.ProviderFactory extension does not $ref to a schema in another file


But the $ref does not seem to locate the external schema definition , if the definition is in the same file , it works , Could you please clarify on the above as to what should I do to refer to a different schema file ?

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Please clarify the issue, I don't understand your case at all.

What schema is provided by the "JavaScript.JsonSchema.ProviderFactory" EP? What is the provider's implementation code? What is your project structure? Why do you refer to the schema in the "../common/transformationSchema.json" file? Is it schema provided by your plugin or existing in a sample project? What does it mean that schema from another file is not located? I don't understand it looking at your screenshot. What are the expected and actual behaviors?

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Upload id: 2022_03_23_3YThM557V2uBKCU5 (file:

Attaching the code .

Why do you refer to the schema in the "../common/transformationSchema.json" file?

The transformationSchema is another Schema  which might be referred by other schemas as well .

Is it schema provided by your plugin or existing in a sample project?

It is present inside the sample-plugin project

Could you please look into it the code and check ?



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Thank you for providing the plugin source. It is still unclear what's the issue.

Please provide an example project that we can run the plugin on. It should contain exact files you observe the issue for, with detailed instructions how to reproduce it.

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Sample project for plugin to run on : Upload id: 2022_03_25_7RB1rzPSq5fxDX69 (file:

The Plugin uses the JsonSchemaProvider Factory extension and contains a schema which validates against the json files whose path contains /endpoints.

Inside the sample project there is a file called sample.json which needs to be validated.

Run the plugin and open the sample project  , and sample.json file .

Inside the schema I have a property transformation which internally references to another schema file which contains name & class as required.


I'm trying to add a property transformation , and after which I'm expecting the warning name& class is required or the name & class suggestions . It is not working , I see that the internal schema (transformationSchema.json is not getting referred)



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