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I'm coming from NetBeans, and in NetBeans when I create a project with existing sources on remote server, and I delete or change the content of a file on the server (e.g. by reinstalling a plugin), it is going to be deleted or updated also in NetBeans.

In PhpStorm I'm struggling to achieve this same behaviour. Is it possible anyway?


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There's the Notify of remote changes feature that will warn you in case you edit a local file that has been changed remotely.
You can also use Sync with Deployed to after you change a lot of files remotely to get these changes to the local side.

There's no fully automatic sync, as it seems to be a somewhat dangerous feature.

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Hey Eugene,

thanks for reaching out! Yeah, I have seen Sync with Deployed, but then I'm going to have to go through manually on each file somehow.

Dangerous or not, had never any issues in NetBeans.

Thanks anyway!

Best Regards

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then I'm going to have to go through manually on each file somehow

You don't have to if you are sure about all the changes, you can choose all files there (or filter them by the sync direction first) and then choose the same action for all of them in the context menu.


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