re-enable gutter run icons with customizd jest tests


i have customized tests to skip when certain env vars are enabled as i will show below. this causes my run icons do disappear in the gutter. is there a way to inform webstorm to recognize my custom tags and re-enable the run icons? thx


const enableLegacyTests = process.env.enableLegacyTests === 'true';
const describeIf = enableLegacyTests ? describe : describe.skip;

describe('legacy tests env check', () => {
it('check legacy tests run locally', () => {
if (!enableLegacyTests) {

describeIf('Session - focused tests', () => {
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the IDE is statically analyzing the source code looking for known code patterns when detecting the tests/suits. Obviously, your describeIf() hook is not known, so your tests are not detected and can't be run from the sidebar. There are no workarounds unfortunately.

We have a feature request for providing support for custom test/suite names,, please feel free to vote for it.


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