Intellij Idea Live Templates

I faced with the problem of writing my vcs current branch name each time I have written 'todo' comment.

Recently I learned about Intellij's 'Live Templates' which is quite comfortable to use. I tried to apply it to my problem but there's no templates to take out a branch name.

So the question is could I actually take out the name of my branch to code comments somehow?


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For live templates you can use predefined functions. Unfortunately there is no function to detect the current VCS branch.
But you can create a template to make work a little easier:

// TODO [$branch_name$]: $comment$

With this template, you still have to fill branch name, but you should not type symbols like [ and caret will be placed automatically.

You can also create a feature request for a new predefined function.


 I must to write my current branch name in 'todo' comment (like 'todo [feature-xxx]: <my_todo_comment>') each time I want to leave a comment somewhere in a code. And it's actually a bit boring so I want to generate 'todo' template automatically (as I understood Live Templates, you only start writing a special key word and then full template will be generated). In search of acceptable template I didn't find any way to do that (I couldn't found any function to find out which branch is currently used).


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