Natural Languages -> Grammar and Style multiple-language confusion.

I'm working on a language learning project where my comments are necessarily in multiple languages in order to describe different data structures. I've added multiple languages to the grammar and style section but PHPStorm gets confused by e.g. applying English grammar rules to a Spanish sentence. Is it possible to evaluate a sentence (or at least line by line) in each natrual language and if it detects the sentence as having no spelling or proofreading mistakes in one of the languages then it must be correct? Basically, the logic should use AND and not OR - to check that it fails in every language rather than just one of them, which is how the spelling check works.

As it is, I will have to disable lots of grammar rules which are confused in other languages.

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That looks like a bug/usability issue that can't be easily worked around. It would be great if you could submit this to our tracker at for our developers to address.


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