Too dark color for parameter popup hint

Hello, I have issue with color of popup hint which affect readability. I tried to find the solution with no success.

When I have a popup with required parameters for current function, the current parameter is too dark to read. I tried to find where I could change this but to no avail. On the example you can see that second (current) parameter hint is unreadable.

Is it possible to change it? In such case where I could find it?

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I also was not able to find the responsible option (tried everything under Color scheme > PHP, General, Language Defaults nodes). However, the default popup text color looks nice on built-in color schemes.

What actual color scheme do you have? Is it provided by some plugin?

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Ok, I found the source of the issue... I had installed plugin "Material Theme UI" in my PhpStorm. It heavily modded the looks of the Phpstorm and this was issue caused by it...

So sorry, for spam and thank you for helping!


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