How to get git commit diff compact view of all changes in files?


In GitHub Desktop and SourceTree, I can click a commit in one panel to see a list of changed files, then click a file to see each of their git diffs in another panel; in PHPStorm, when I click a commit (in the Git panel at the bottom), it just shows a list of files, with no other panel to view diffs. If it were like GitHub (.com) or GitLab (.com), it combines all of the compacted diffs in one tab, which may also be OK unless there's a LOT of changes.

In PHPStorm, the only way I can see file diffs is to double-click each file, which opens a new sub-window showing the entire file... this is tedious because there's so much clicking and view changing.

Is there not a way to open a panel or tab to easily see each file's (or all files') line changes by just a click per file, or in one tab where their diffs are combined? Without having to see all of the file's lines, but just the modified ones surrounded by some non-modified ones like in a normal git diff. The current way seems counter-intuitive and cumbersome.


Question 2: The "History up to here" button seems to work at first, under some circumstance, but then trying again in some other circumstance its always gray. I can't tell what enables/disables it.


Hello Vadiru

You can enable "Diff preview" for the Log. Please see screenshot attached






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