No git output in PyCharm version control console (for git version 2.31.1 and up)


When using PyCharm (Tried with PyCharm Community Edition 2019.3.5 and also 2021.3.3 version)  with git version 2.31.1 and up,

can't see git stdout prints to the Pycharm version control console.

When downgrading to git version 2.22.0, git stdout is printed to the Pycharm git/version control console as expected.

Note: we are using git hooks and expect to see the output from the hooks inside Pycharm git console, as was before with git version 2.22.0.

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Hello Olgapokotilo

Could you please check whether everything is working fine in command-line/terminal?

Do you have `core.hooksPath` define in your config? 
Could you please elaborate on your hooks?


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