New Project Presets

I would like to change the default settings when creating a new project. I've looked through the [New Project Setup>Run Configuration Templates] but uncertain how to address my need.
In my current workflow I always start the Laravel webserver using the start-up task in settings. However you need to be in a project to use startup tasks. Is there a way in Run Configuration Templates-> PHP Scripts that I could have it use something like $project$ and auto fill the project name on creation?
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Sorry, I am not sure if I fully understand your scenario, could you please tell more about it?

Actually, it is not possible to configure startup tasks for a default new project (File > New Projects Setup > Settings for New Projects), so you will have to configure these for each new project manually. 
By the way, there is a built-in variable with the project name ($ProjectName$) but as far as I can get, it does not work in the PHP Script Run Configuration "file" or "name" inputs.


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