PHP Storm forcing use statments in a single line


I am writing PHP with PHP Storm. Every time I save the file all the use statements will go to a single line. I would like them to stay in different lines. How to fix?

So this:
use a;
use b;
use c;

Turns to this:
use a;use b;use c;

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In fact, PhpStorm should not do that by default (and there is no setting to configure), so it must be a misbehavior. If my memory does not lie to me, there was a similar bug report a while ago, however I was not able to quickly find it.

What exact IDE version do you have installed, is it a 2021.3.3 already?

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I had version 2021.2 and updated now to version 2021.4. 

Problem still remains.

EDIT: Problem solved. Problem was with Save Actions -plugin.

The issue was in Settings -> Save Actions -> Optimize imports.

I had it checked. Unchecked fixes my issue.

Thanks for reply though :)

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Thanks for the update, good to hear that the issue is resolved!
However, I am still wondering why "Optimize imports" reformats imports in this way in your scenario. If you are also curious, you may share your code style settings (exported as XML), so I could try these on my setup :) 


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