Does Datagrip query again when I change the page in a result tab? Does it always happen?

I have noticed while using the IDE, that changing the page of a result set, after running a query, seems to take just as long as running the query the first time. I would have asumed all results are stored somewhere for visualization and then just paginated in groups of 500, but I suppose, by the time it's taking, that it's actually running the query again, and just offseting the results to show me a different page. Is this assumption correct?

Does this happen for every page, or is there another limit, so, say, the first 5 or 10 pages are loaded with no need to re-query, and the rest after that require to query again? I'd like to know how far can I change pages without having to worry I'd have to wait several minutes because I triggered the query again.

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Yuriy Vinogradov

It's depend on database, but basically we use offset to query only 500(or any other configured value) rows from database each time you turn the page.


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