Missing split preview icons

After updating pycharm (2021.3.3) I can no longer toggle the preview windows. I have looked everywhere in settings and in every menu to try to re-enable these icons, but I'm unable to find any setting that controls it.

Often programming on a laptop and having only a single monitor, this just doesn't work as I may split the entire screen between pycharm and another application. Now my coding space is less than 1/4 the screen.

How can I re-enable the icons to toggle previews on or off (as well as vertical or horizontal preview)


To clarify, these are the icons that are missing. Reverting to 2021.2.4 brought them back.



My apologies, this is a known bug https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-52224 , please apply the workaround provided.


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