Move caret to end of logical line (ignoring soft-wraps)



Is there a way to move the caret to the end of the current line, ignoring soft-wraps (i.e. right before the next newline or end of file), as a single action? I normally use the Move Caret to Line End action, that moves to the end of the current visual line and only moves to the end of the logical line when pressed again.

This is a problem when using multiple carets. Using Move Caret to Line End means that for some carets the action has to be used once and for some twice to get all carets to the end of the lines, but that can't be done.


Hi Michael,

Try the action called 'Add Carets to Ends of Selected Lines':


Okay, that seems to work! Thanks!

Is there a similar action, but for moving the carets to the start of the lines instead of the ends? Also this action is missing the …with Selection counterpart, as do most caret-moving actions.


Not at the moment I'm afraid. I created a corresponding feature request for this:

As a workaround, you can hit Home while on any line, then Double-Ctrl + Arrow Up/Down to place carets at the start of multiple lines, and extend the selection from there.


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