Can I connect to Azure Machine Learning Compute Instance from PyCharm?

I would like to move from VS Code to PyCharm. However, all of my development work is currently done on an Azure Machine Learning Compute Instance due to organizational restrictions. Is it possible to transparently develop on AzureML Compute Instance from PyCharm similar to when using VS Code's AzureML extension?

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Unfortunately, I'm unaware how AzureML Compute Instance works, but PyCharm has two ways of remote development:

SSH interpreter --

Remote development --

Both require SSH access to the remote machine, and port forwarding to be enabled.

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This is not a valid solution Andrey Resler
Azure ML workspace requires logging in, otherwise you cannot use your workspace resources even if you are connected to your compute instance through PyCharm.

In VSC there is a dedicated plugin for that, right now it is impossible to develop with PyCharm in Azure ML on a remote instance.


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