Adding JAVA8 to profile inside intellij

I want to migrate my project to java 8 , for that i am using inspection tool present in #Intellij, I want to add java8 to profile present in inspection. So, that I when i run inspection i would be able to automatically turn code to java8.

Image above shows profile option where in want a java8 xml file to be added.

If i don't java8 xml file added in profile and when i run inspection i am unable to find java8.




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Hi, it's not very clear why do you need the new profile and what exactly you can't find. Did you use this link and encounter some issues in step "Configuring and running language level migration inspections"? 

Also, which version of IDEA do you use? E.g. java 8 inspections are present in 2022.1 in Preferences | Editor | Inspections | Java | Java language level migration aids | Java 8 and should be turned on by default.


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