I cannot debug with RubyMine since your last build


Now I get this error when trying to start the app in debug mode

Error running 'Development: XXXXX': Rails server launcher '/home/franz/Projects/XXXXX/bin/rails' was not found in a project

I have 't changed anything in my project and yet I can't debug since this morning
I use ruby 2.2.10 and Rails
"rails s" in the console works perfectly
The menu "Run / Debug 'Development: XXXXX" fails with the above message, I don't know what is the whole command being run, it's not displayed by RubyMine
I use rvm but everything is the same as for the past 2 years
RubyMine about window says : Build #RM-221.5080.196, built on April 11, 202

Please help

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That appears to be related to the following change https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RUBY-28806#focus=Comments-27-6001909.0-0

As a workaround, you can try creating a 'bin' folder with a symbolic link to /script/server.

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Thank you, the sym link fixed the problem, but I wished you gave some heads up before dropping Rails 3 app support


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