Hover pop-up obscured by bottom of screen

The file is scrolled all the way down, I hover over something near the bottom, and part of the pop-up overflows beyond the bottom of the screen, and I can't read what it all says.

How do I fix this?

PS: The version of PHP I'm using is irrelevant; we're trying to upgrade, and I'm learning about this repo through things like hover pop-ups. Also please don't offer solutions to other problems; I just need to know how to fix the pop-up from not overflowing beyond the screen borders.

PPS: I'm on a QHD monitor, so screen size is not the issue.


Do I get it right that you're on 2021.3.x? It's supposed to be fixed in 2022.1: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-284667


I'm on 2022.1 right now.

For some reason I don't seem to get pop-up notification of new PHPStorm anymore, just a little orange up-arrow at the top right, and if I click it and click away, it goes away.

My license just renewed and auto-applied, so did update notification behavior change recently? I found the very noticeable auto-pop-up window much better.


Does the popup appear when you invoke Help | Check for Updates manually?


Where is Check for Updates in Help?


I think the orange up-arrow button, that shows when there's an update notification, replaces the Settings gear at the top right, but when it's gone, the Settings button has no option for checking update. I don't understand the logic here.

Looks like Check for Updates is on the left side.

Why is the logic for this all over the place? 😆 Sometimes it's a big pop-up in the middle (which I prefer when the app opens), sometimes it's a small pop-up at the bottom right (which is OK), sometimes it's an orange up-arrow at the top right, but the option to check manually is at the top left... 


Oh and checking manually for updates from the top left shows the Update available pop-up at the bottom right 😆

While it's nice to have found the option, I feel that update placements are scatterbrained.


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