Stepping into datetime possible?

I'm trying to step into any datetime functions or methods.  Example, I want to step into

Debugger stops on line 4, but when I click 'step into' it skips the call and goes to line 5.  Conversely, if I add a breakpoint in the now() method, it does not break there either.

I've run into this before when compiled C modules, but I thought if there exists a pure python file it was possible to step through that code.  

For instance, I can import csv module, put a breakpoint on the first line of code in that module, and stop on it. 

Is there some reason I can't for datetime module?

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Turns out datetime is very much a C module.  There is a pure python implementation as a backup in case the C module can't be loaded.  Because of this fact, you can manipulate the import to use the pure python.


import importlib
import sys

sys.modules['_datetime'] = None # cause ImportError
import datetime

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