Shortcut doesn't close SciView (only opens it)

In Pycharm Professional 2021.3 I had a shortcut set for SciView: if I pressed it once, SciView would open, and if I pressed it again, it would close.

After updating to 2022.1, this stopped working properly: the shortcut opens the SciView, but cannot close it (i.e. pressing the shortcut once the windows is open does nothing). For other windows, everything works properly, as before: e.g. the "Run" window opens when I press "Alt+4" and closes when I press it again. I tried assigning a different shortcut to SciView - it changed nothing.

What should I do?

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Hi, Unfortunately, I had no luck reproducing the issue -- the SciView with a shortcut (I used ⌥4 in my case) opens and closes correctly.

Which shortcut do you have assigned to SciView?


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