Can I debug in this mode?

Hi, I have Pycharm Community Edition and while working I want to debug a code but I can't. The reason why is that when I set a break-point and do what I need to do trigger that code, my stack frames appear and then disappear.

I'm programming in Odoo Framework and wanted to have an information about specific variables values which would make my life easier. Since sometimes when I do `print(variable)` I have errors. Anyway, I run the server using a specific command using odoo binaries to fire up the server and python code on those modules gets running when user interacts with the web.

When I interact with web the python file of that module get run but stack frames appear for only 1 sec and then they are gone. Thought it could be a Pycharm but I'm asking if that's not the case and I have to find a specific way to make it run.

Can someone help? Appreciate everyone time!


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