Why do I see files from other projects?

Hello everyone!
I have debugging working on different projects.
I am developing two projects in phpstorm. Let's name them 'A' and 'B'.

I am editing 'B'. I run 'A' in my local environment. Then the executable of 'A' appears on the edit screen of 'B' and stops at the first line.

The debugging of the chrome extension is 'disable'.
Why does 'A' appear on the edit screen of 'B'? What should I adjust?

(I am using deepl translation)

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Please share the output of phpinfo() run by your web server as HTML. Thanks!

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Thanks for your reply.
Here is the output of phpinfo()
I couldn't figure out how to publish it, so I'll give you the link to the file.
Thank you very much.


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Thank you for sharing the output. The problem is that your xdebug.remote_autostart parameter is enabled, so Xdebug starts whenever the server executes any PHP code. Disabling the parameter and restarting the server should help here.

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Thank you!
I set xdebug.remote_autostart in php.ini to 0
Problem solved!


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