With PHP plugins I can't even do bracket matching


I have two PHP plugins installed (PHP 221.5080.224 and PHP Annotations 8.2.0).  When I open a PHP file I can't even do bracket matching.

Is there something else I need to do to get these plugins to work?




May you share a screenshot? 

What do you mean by bracket matching? Highlighting of the paired brackets? 

In most of the cases, only PHP plugin is needed:



I should be able to move between opening and closing brackets with ctrl-] and ctrl-[, but nothing happens when I do that.  There seems to be no php functionality from these plugins.



Ctrl+[ / Ctrl+] is assigned to "Move Caret to Code block start" action by default. 

It does not move to/from array initialization start, or to/from paired brackets. It moves the cursor to the function's end/start. See this gif: 


Use "Move Caret to Matching Brace" for navigating within braces. See


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