Multiple Result Sets from MySQL Stored Procedures - Sets are empty until next set is returned


Many of my stored procedures operate on data sets in batches and use select statements to show progress.

In other clients, these results always appear the moment they are run, but in DataGrip, a results tab appears along with the headers but no data is visible in it until the next set is selected (which can be minutes later), then the new set appears empty with just headers (annoyingly obscuring the old set that now contains the results I was waiting for) - or until the procedure completes.

If I watch a long running routine like this, I'm constantly looking at empty tabs and I have to click back to see old results. It's very frustrating. 

I've played with all the connection and query settings I could think of, but nothing seems to change the behaviour.

How can I ensure results are displayed as soon as they are selected?




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Could you provide an example to reproduce the issue?


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