No effect of .bnf and .flex files


I am creating plugin for custom language development and I do not understand how .bnf and .flex files work

Help me find out what is wrong

My project structure is showed below.

When I run plugin and creating a.eo with content from JetBrains example (the end of page) I see this text without any changes. I tried to rebuild project and still don't understand the reason of that.

Here is how I see it. I expected to see grey lines with comments but I see it as other text. EO.bnf and EO.flex are also from JetBrains tutorial


Hi Stepa,

It is hard to understand the issue without more information. Please share the link to the repository if the plugin is open source, or provide more files like build.gradle.kts (+ related), plugin.xml, BNF, and Flex files.


upd: I checked PSI of .eo file. It detects comments and all tokens but it doesn't colours comments


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