Webstorm Terminal - Unknown Commands "brew", "code", "npm", "node", etc.

I am using the fish shell in iTerm2 and Webstorm. In iTerm, my shell knows all of the listed commands whereas is does not know them in Webstorm.

In iTerm:

nubels@Niklas-Machine ~/Developer> yarn -v
nubels@Niklas-Machine ~/Developer> node -v
nubels@Niklas-Machine ~/Developer> brew -v
Homebrew 3.4.5
Homebrew/homebrew-core (git revision bb8cdb25eb6; last commit 2022-04-05)
Homebrew/homebrew-cask (git revision 6a4e6768df; last commit 2022-04-05)
nubels@Niklas-Machine ~/Developer>

In Webstorm

nubels@Niklas-Machine ~/D/U/N/01-Baby-Name-Generator (main)> npm
fish: Unknown command: npm
nubels@Niklas-Machine ~/D/U/N/01-Baby-Name-Generator (main) [127]> yarn
fish: Unknown command: yarn
nubels@Niklas-Machine ~/D/U/N/01-Baby-Name-Generator (main) [127]> code
fish: Unknown command: code
nubels@Niklas-Machine ~/D/U/N/01-Baby-Name-Generator (main) [127]> brew
fish: Unknown command: brew
nubels@Niklas-Machine ~/D/U/N/01-Baby-Name-Generator (main) [127]> node
fish: Unknown command: node
nubels@Niklas-Machine ~/D/U/N/01-Baby-Name-Generator (main) [127]> 

These are my webstorm settings:

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So, disabling "Shell Integration" solved the issue. I don't know why though.


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