I'm stumped getting Javascript debugging to work

Ideally I could have PHP and Javascript debuggers at the same time.

From another post, in WebStorm I have performed these steps (just trying to get ANY Javascript debugging working):

Could you please try the following steps:
1) Create a simple html file with JavaScript code
2) Put a breakpoint inside JavaScript
3) From popup menu on the editor select 'Create ...' item to create JavaScript debug configuration.
4) Select 'Chrome' in 'Browser' chooser, click 'Apply'
5) Press 'Debug' button
After that WebStorm should open Chrome browser and stop on the breakpoint.

No joy. Instead I get "Waiting for connection to localhost:45661. Please ensure that the browser was started successfully with remote debugging port opened..."


I'm on Linux/Ubuntu, BTW


Do you use Chromium installed with snap? It doesn't work due to permissions issues, see https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-38511#focus=Comments-27-4472759.0-0 for more info/workaround.
You can try a different Chrome version per instructions at https://askubuntu.com/questions/1204571/how-to-install-chromium-without-snap. This actually uses the chromium packages from the debian repository and not snap.


I installed Chromium with apt, not snap. I'll check out the different Chrome versions you mentioned.


Chromium installed with apt shouldn't cause problems... Please make sure that no Chrome instances are running when you start the debugger.
If it doesn't help, you must have faced a network configuration issue - seems that some certain dynamic port numbers are blocked by a firewall/proxy/etc. Does the issue persist after the system reboot?


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