External links not opening from PyCharm when opened in root.

Ever since I opened PyCharm with root-level access just so I could "Clear Read-Only Status" on my project files, the next thing is that I now can't open external links from the IDE, features like "Contact Support" that opens a link in the browser don't work either.


Hi, what error do you see when you click on a link? Could you provide `idea.log` file from the logs directory after reproducing the issue?


Hi Andrey Resler, thanks for responding.
After clicking "Contact Support" in the "help" menu, here's what the log looks like...


Finally found a fix, since files created with root ownership do not support remote connections, opening Pycharm with root from my terminal with the command:

sudo charm

This would also prevent the editing of those files by non-root users. In short, changing ownership of my Project files from root with the below command solved both the problem of editing files and opening external links.

sudo chown -R <username> <project-path>

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