WebStorm: Debug code formatting

I have configured WebStorm to run prettier on every file save. This worked fine for SCSS files until recently. However, since 2 Updates approx, the formatter adds a blank line before every consecutive nested declaration. Prettier is not responsible for that, which I can confirm if I run the "Reformat with Prettier" command in isolation. I also disabled prettification on save for the standard code formatter *and* I even set the blank lines options in this (disabled) formatter as I want them to be. But still, something is reformatting my code in a way I don't want it too. It also looks as if two code formatters run on each save: 1) prettier, and 2) this strange other formatter.

How can I debug code formatting, so I can at least see which formatters run?

(I also have eslint enabled, and prettier is configured to use the .eslintrc.js config).

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Check if you have any file watchers and/or 'on save' actions configured; the IDE itself doesn't run any actions on save unless configured to do so


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