Open all files in Search Everywhere results

  • Open "Search Everywhere"
  • Type in a string. See a bunch of file results:
  • I'd like to open all these files.
  • There's "Open files in right split", which doesn't do exactly what I want

Select multiple results with Shift+arrow keys, press Enter.


Amazing, thanks!

2 ways this could have been discoverable:

  • Right-click on selected results, I expect there to be a drop-down menu of everything I can do to results.
  • There's a little tip at the bottom. In above screenshot, it's "Press Shift-F4 to open file in new window". You can cycle through tips by pressing "Next Tip". Make a tip for "Enter".

Hi, thank you for your suggestion. I filed a new issue in our tracker, feel free to upvote and leave a comment there.


Hi team,

"Open all" is broken I guess.

When I search by file name, select multiple files with Shift + arrow, and tap Enter -> it always opens only the first file from the search results.

WebStorm 2023.2
Build #WS-232.8660.143, built on July 21, 2023



Fratule we're working on it already, please follow IDEA-326262 for updates.


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