Remote development over ssh jumping

I want to use pyCharm using Gateway on my university's HPC.

The catch is as follows:

- Gateway client is unable to install IDEs on the remote home.

- Generally, we are not able to install IDE's just on the hpc's home since it doesn't have much compute power.

- Therefore, we borrow a node using the slurm workload manager and then install any thing that we want to use.

- We can ssh directly into a borrowed node from the local machine using ssh jumping ie: "ssh -J user@host1 user@node" 


How to install jetbrains ide on the remote machine using Gateway client when I can't directly ssh into it?

For projector, I used to run the ide on the server's node and forwarded the port to my local machine where I used to connect using the projector client. Is it possible to use Gateway on a system like this?

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