Inconsistent Tool Windows sizes



When I started using WebStorm I've shrunk Project and Commit tool windows a bit. I've used Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Left to use steps and make both windows exactly the same size. After that I stored current layout as default.

When changing the size of WebStorm's window (switching to another resolution or de-maximizing) and back breaks tool windows size settings: my two windows are different widths which is really annoying.

Restoring default layout fixes this but I have to do it after every window size chenge! Extremely annoying :-\


Is there any way to keep tool windows same size?

Or at least some reset to default sizes.

This happens in Rider as well.


Thank you for the help.

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Surely, it does.

Checking this and related issues - it seams this is really long-term and really annoying problem.

How did this came it still has no fix?

As for my second question: is there a way to reset these layouts to default setting? Without reseting ALL settings. Like editing some .xml file or so.


Thank you.

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The configuration is stored in <IDE config>/options/window.state.xml file under the

<component name="WindowManager">

node. There is no dedicated action to reset it to the IDE defaults.


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