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Recently, I am begin the plugin development. I come across lots of problems during the development. Some reasons are I am fresh to plugin development. I do want to give some suggestion from my perspective.

## the official api document is too simple

For example, I want to create a file by plugin. There are some words in the document:

How do I create a PSI file?

The PsiFileFactory createFileFromText() method creates an in-memory PSI file with the specified contents.

To save the PSI file to disk, use the PsiDirectory add() method.

But there are no detailed steps to describe how to create a file. So what I can do is to search the code inside Github and find the related implementaion. It's really a painful process. If the offical document could provide the detailed steps like this:

var psiFileFactory = PsiFileFactory.getInstance(project)
var curTime =
val createFileFromText = psiFileFactory.createFileFromText("sca-$", result)
var directory = modFile.containingDirectory

It would be much more useful.

## The template is too complex

I create the plugin by the template from With no doubt, the template is very pwerful. But it's complex in the meanwhile. There are so may steps and contents in the project. It's really unfriendly to a new guy. And I belive as a template project, simplicity is very important. So some unnecessary steps should be removed.

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Thanks for the feedback. Obviously, the documentation cannot cover and describe all available use-cases, but we'll try to improve it.

Your use case is described here:

You can also use the in-page feedback button to suggest improvements for specific page directly.

Please consider joining our Slack community, where beginners are also welcome:


I'm afraid the template project is as close to "most simple" as possible, given that it covers the whole publication/deployment workflow (which you can ignore until you actually release your plugin). Which steps do you consider unnecessary?


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