Lost unsaved changes


I did a lot of changes yesterday, didn't save them cause saving triggers automatic deploy. 

Is there a way I can have those changes back?  Didn't find them in local history. 

If there is no way to recover them, why do you think it isn't worth the effort to save those lines of code that developers write after putting hours of efforts. 


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IDE saves all the changes automatically, see https://stackoverflow.com/a/7377886/104891.

There is no way to completely block automatic save in the IDE. When you close the project or exist the IDE, your changes will be saved anyway. You can do a quick test to confirm that it works in a new or current project.

If the changes were not saved, it was likely due to some bug/malfunction, possibly a problem with the file system, hardware or an unexpected app/system crash event.

As you don't see the changes in the local history, there is likely no way to restore them via the IDE.


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