Using CLion with network drive



I am using CLion on my work machine, which is remote.

  • I login to the work machine through VNC-like interface.
  • The IDE is installed on a network disk, so it is not local to the remote machine.
  • The projects are also on network disks.

For most part the setup works fine, but the constant indexing and memory hogging is annoying. I don't understand why the IDE keeps indexing when nothing in the project has changed since the last time I opened it in the IDE. The only parts that change are in the files currently open in the IDE. I understand that the project on network disks is not ideal environment, but that is not something I can change. Is there a configuration in CLion that will avoid constant indexing when there is no modification.

I use PyCharm too with a similar setup, but mostly for Jupyter scripting and there is not much indexing, so it is a breeze to use.

Let me know if you need additional info.


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Hi Varun!

Please open the idea.log file (`Help | Show Log in ...`) and search for `idea.system.path=`. What path is used? Is it a network folder?

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Hi Anna Falevskaya

The path is indeed a network folder. As I mentioned in the original post, I cannot move it to a local disk. CLion itself is installed on a network folder.

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The CLion system directory (`idea.system.path=`) contains caches, including indexing caches. We do not recommend using shared network folder for CLion cache, the problems you face might be related to that.

>Is there a configuration in CLion that will avoid constant indexing when there is no modification

You can try Power Save Mode - It disables all inspections and other highly-consuming background tasks for the entire IDE.


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